The UTP Masters event will be contested between the top 8 ranked players in the UTP Masters Race at the end of the season. For full details and rules please see the How It Works section.


All players who have qualified will have got information on the format and schedule for the weekend. The general format is 2 groups of 4 players for each age group playing a round robin with the top 2 players from each group qualifying for the semi finals. All matches will be played as a best of 3 sets match with the 3rd set being a champions tiebreak.

The groups will take the following format:

Player 1 UTP Qualifier 1
Player 2 UTP Qualifier 4
Player 3 UTP Qualifier 5
Player 4 UTP Qualifier 8


Player 1 UTP Qualifier 2
Player 2 UTP Qualifier 3
Player 3 UTP Qualifier 6
Player 4 UTP Qualifier 7


The order of play for each group is as follows:

Round 1 Plaver 1 v Player 4
Player 2 v Player 3
Round 2 Player 1 v Player 2
Player 3 v Player 4
Round 3 Player 1 v Player 3
Player 2 v Player 4
Semis 1: Winner Group A v Runner up Group B
2: Winner Group B v Runner Up Group A
Final Winner Semi 1 v Winner Semi 2